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At Tiro, we work with open-minded, and ambitious individuals.

We strive to foster an environment promoting growth and development of our people. Developing strong relationships and working as a team are what we focus on, whether it’s going to the beach for a team night, going the extra mile when it comes to coaching, or just going out for a bite after hours, teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Leadership Training Program


    Sales is the forefront of our business however, we primarily focus on developing our people into strong Leaders as they progress within our company. We believe that leadership is one of the most important skills you can learn in today’s environment. Leadership envelops our core values and helps our people gain the confidence they need to lead effective teams.

  • Personal Development

    Personal Development

    Our leadership training program is designed to give the resources and tools necessary to accelerate our people into high-level Management and Executive positions. Not only do we focus on professional growth, we also foster an environment for our people to develop skills to flourish in all areas of life.

  • Leadership Training Program


    Travel is something we love to do, whether it’s going on a team road trip or sending our top performers to international destinations. Some of the places we’ve visited are: Toronto, London (UK), Amsterdam, Montreal, Seattle and L.A.

  • Marketing Opportunities Victoria


    Our culture is based around team synergy and having a good time! We host regular team events (virtual and in person). We have done everything from online Jeopardy to Axe Throwing to sitting on a patio for some after-work shenanigans.